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Lately we received many request for 3 days 2 night package to explore islands in Tun Sakaran Marine Park. Personally, we will encourage our guest to go for our previous 4 days 3 nights package.

Why? In our opinion, after quite long travel from Kuala Lumpur to reach here, you need a good break / holiday session. And 4 days 3 nights Luma’ Selakan package is the best we can propose to our guest, so they will have comfortable itinerary for hiking, island hoping, snorkelling, culture visit and not to forget, quality island time.

But still, to answer some of the requests, we now propose another package for a short break, 3 days 2 nights at Luma’ Selakan. But please take note, you holiday schedule will be a little tight due to time vs islands that need to visit. And this package is for NOVEMBER & DECEMBER trips only.

Luma’ Selakan facilities:
• 2 unit family room with king size bed: 3 person per room
• 1 unit twin room with king size bed : 2 person per room
• 3 unit quad sharing room : 4 person per room • all room have attached bathroom
• bath towel provided
• 24 hours electricity
• Guest kitchen to cook (if you fells want to cook)

at one time, a total 20 guest can stay at our facilities

and with each 4 person per booking / group, they will entitled a chartered boat for their own trip. That means, they will not mix with another group of guest.

For booking, please contact our sales team at +60 12214 7681 – Amin